handpainted tiles

As well as using very fine pen and brush work, we have included examples of some experimental techniques to achieve unusual textures and finishes to the tiles, including sponging, painting and sgraffito as well as metallic glaze and the effect of combining different glaze mediums. Klink and Zany are handpainted, then overlaid with a bright platinum ground sheet which bonds to the glaze on firing to give a mirror-like appearance. The Lemon tree is sponged stencil with sgraffito.

Delft are available as the original traditional designs with a choice of corners and colours, as well as painted to order from your own choice of subject material.

There are also a couple of examples of clients sketches to show how a satisfactory design can either be worked up from the simplest thumbnail or a faithful copy of an obscure original from a most unlikely source. We have included the Herb and Flower tiles as examples of contemporary fashionable themes, often requested and of course "those cats", a handpainted reproduction of a C19th German illustration.

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