screenprinted tiles

Screenprinting offers a degree of precision not achievable by hand painting, as shown by the tiles chosen for this gallery. Any motif of your own choice, such as the Feng Shui elements for example, can be used to create a pattern suitable for a tile inset and a totally exclusive running border.

Pheasant and Hare were created using scraper board technique on acetate to recreate the look of traditional one colour book illustration. They pay homage to the immensely skilled commercial artists whose work was rarely credited.

"Tracks & Logos" were created for a client with very specific instructions. Only with screen printing can one get such fine and precise images, combined with accuracy and intensity of colour. They were printed onto white tiles to ensure that the colours were exactly right and then sponged around the edges to match the light grey tiles they were set with.

Shimmer, Jazz Modern and Stripes were inspired by the optimistic, flamboyant vivacity of the Fifties and Sixties. Once again, they benefit from the faultless duplication and hard edged precision achievable with the silk screen process.

"Bull's head" and "number 2" are good examples of commercial applications for screenprinted tiles. The former, taken from an old compliment slip, took pride of place above the counter in a butcher's shop. The latter was for the stairwell in a multi story car park with different colours
for each floor.

As well as regularly working on large scale murals such as swimming pools and motorway services, Delia was once involved in the production of an underground panel for the Elephant and Castle station. The detail shown here depicts a screenprinted reproduction of a sepia photograph.

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