walk in the park - the artist's choice

Having designed tiles for so long, it wasn't easy deciding what I'd like in my own bathroom.
After putting up with awful tiles for nine years I finally made up my mind it was time for a change.

Soon afterwards while walking in our local park I realised it wasn't just an assortment of Horse
Chestnuts and Sycamores, as I first thought. Filled with wonder at the amazing differences in
the leaves, I began collecting them. Not just any old leaves, but the leaves that had something
special about them, leaves that covered the extremes of what was there. In short, the best leaves.

Sweet Chestnut, Japanese Maple, the very oddly named Bastard Service Tree, Swamp Cypress,
Dawn Redwood, Maidenhair (Ginkgo), Tulip Tree, Manna Ash, Pin Oak and so on. The first three
I painted as panels and the rest are arranged as a running border around the bath framed by
leaf green pencils above and below.

I have included this set as a gallery in it's own right to illustrate how a simple idea or obsession
can be developed into a theme. Many of my commissions have developed in this way and it is
gradually becoming my niche.

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